Our focus is on editing, so we limit our in-house duplication services to small quantities to fulfill our client's immediate needs. We do not copyguard our discs, so clients are free to make their own copies.

For larger runs or custom printing, packaging, or replication, we can work with duplication facilities and oversee the project for you. We will get the quote and then work directly with the facility to schedule the project, ensure that all graphics are in the correct format and layout, and quality check the final copies.


Contact Us for any questions or to get a quote.

  • Duplication vs Replication
  • Dupliction is like the CDs & DVDs that you can burn in your computer. Duplicated discs have a greater chance of being incompatible with playback devices. For small runs duplicated discs cost less for disc.
  • Replication is like the CDs & DVDs that you buy at the store. Replicated discs have 99.9% compatibility with playback devices. For large runs replicated discs cost less for disc.